Shopping Online

Tips To Keep Shopping Online Safe

The idea of keeping safe while shopping used to mean keeping an eye out for pick pockets and potential muggers, today, when you go shopping online, the criminals are still lurking, but they are in cyber-space, and it takes a different sort of look out to keep things safe.

When you shop in the world of stores and malls, whenever you engage in a transaction, (buy something), you hand over the right amount, or as close as you easily can get, and you generally scan your change to see that it is Continue reading Shopping Online

Schools Outsource Sports Teaching

Sports Teaching Services

PE and schools sports activities and lessons used to be taught in main by existing teachers within each school. As schools developed and continual assessment of pupils brought greater workloads onto teachers, they became less and less prepared to take on additional teaching due to time constraints, the requirements of marking etc.

In tandam with this, schools were given budgets for the provision of teaching services, allowing them to Continue reading Schools Outsource Sports Teaching

Photography Tips

How To Take Better Photographs

If you have ever tried photography using a fully manual camera then you will in all likelihood know the difficulties and frustrations associated with taking the perfect picture.

There are four elements to consider and each of then require a different setting depending on what your subject matter is doing, how well it is lit and what effects you want your image to have.

You need to adjust your shutter speed, your aperture, your ISO and finally your image focus.

Most experienced photographers begin with either Continue reading Photography Tips

Why SEO Is Better Than Traditional Advertising

Why Do I Need SEO?

Traditional advertising, the Press, Billboards, TV, Radio, Leaflets etc all had their place once upon a time, but they have long been overtaken but the power and opportunity that SEO offers.

The ability to target the customers that you are seeking makes SEO the biggest single game changer in marketing since the dawn of time.

With traditional marketing, it was always a numbers game, show enough people your Ad and you will Continue reading Why SEO Is Better Than Traditional Advertising