Why SEO Is Better Than Traditional Advertising

Why Do I Need SEO?

Traditional advertising, the Press, Billboards, TV, Radio, Leaflets etc all had their place once upon a time, but they have long been overtaken but the power and opportunity that SEO offers.

The ability to target the customers that you are seeking makes SEO the biggest single game changer in marketing since the dawn of time.

With traditional marketing, it was always a numbers game, show enough people your Ad and you will pick up sufficient new customers to cover your costs and make a profit.

The problem was though that the majority of the people who would see your Ad at any point in time just weren’t interested in your offer, product etc.

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Advertise on TV selling Tampons and 50% of your audience will instantly not qualify….. the same is true for make up, hair straighteners, male grooming products, etc. There is no way to accurately target your audience, except perhaps by choosing what TV show advert breaks you appear in, or what magazine you publish in etc.

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Internet marketing and SEO are different because they offer you the ability to target your audience very specifically, cutting out the waste and only appearing in front of people who are likely to want to buy your goods or services.

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Properly implemented SEO will be better for your business than traditional advertising is capable of.

The biggest single influencer over Google SERPs rankings is the quality and relevance of your backlinks. These are the links that point to pages of your website. High quality relevant OWL backlinks are one way links which are more powerful and google friendly.